What is the Sports Premium?

The government are committed to improving physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. Funding has been allocated to primary schools and is ring-fenced, it can only be used to make additional and sustained improvements to the quality of PE and Sport offered in school.

Key achievements to date until July 2021:

TA’s  have begun to deliver physical and health based interventions to children as needed across year


Teachers taken on delivery of PE after observing and supporting coaches delivering provision in a range of areas, including dance and gymnastics


Widening of use of allotment and cooking approaches supported children’s positive attitudes to healthy lifestyles



Due to Covid  – competitions, swimming and tuition was not delivered as designed


Areas for further improvement and baseline evidence of need:

Teachers to access cpd based on audit of own confidence and next steps


Teachers to implement and deliver personalised schemes of work based on recognised schemes of progression


Weekly Use of the allotment to be built on with in school ½ termly series of healthy workshop afternoons


Develop a range of active morning starters to be shared and delivered daily by all teachers


Reinstate the use  of Sensory circuits to meet needs, in morning and after lunch


Develop yoga and other mindfulness initiatives


All KS1 children to access a series of Swimming instruction


The use of the field is to be increased to support active lifestyles and range of sports.


 Competitions to be sought with local schools and through unity trust


Increase % of active extra-curricular clubs

Ofsted will report on the use of the PE Funding under leadership and management

Sports Premium 2020/21

Sports Premium 2019/20